2 thoughts on “Hello Fans!

  1. Hi Everett.
    Your C.D. is Amazing! I never get tired of listening to it!! It ministers to the soul. We play it a lot before church services and after church services. We play several of your songs during wakes because the songs soothe the hearts and souls of hurting people. Your songs lifts heavy burdens. Thank you so much for not giving up when the Lord allowed “Life to be hard for you”. Because of you not giving up, We, the World, are being blessed, healed and delivered through your Victory!!! We Thank God for …Everett W. Miller…Created To Worship!!

    • Wow, this is great to hear Tabatha!! I am humbled by your words and blessed that you took the time to share this with me. The purpose of this project was to bring healing to all that are able to hear. This brings great joy to know that the project is actually doing what it was purposed to do. God is good! Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to share my love for God through music. Much Love!!!

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